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RPM Day 1

Hello everyone!

Day 1 is already over! I feel like I've been waiting so long to get started that it's almost hard to believe that I already have a day of work under my belt.

I feel like it was a pretty good first day! I got up early and started the day with an approximately two and a half hour practice session (with a mix of vocals, lyric writing, pad (drums), and guitar) and then immediately jumped in and got to work on the EP. There was a lot of freewriting (shout out to Courtney Swain who hipped me to how helpful freewriting is) and generating of musical ideas. I ended up not generating as many ideas as I had expected to originally, because a couple of the ideas I had clicked enough that I ended up developing them further, leading me to two songs that I think will likely end up on the EP. They're nowhere near done, but I've got enough developed and a good enough idea of where I want to take them that I feel pretty confident about them.

My goal for tomorrow will be to generate some more song ideas and to further develop the two from today. I'm very excited to move on to day 2! Tune in tomorrow for another update at the end of the day :)

- Michelle


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