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Musical output from my own musical life

Songs From Nothing EP - RPM Challenge 2023

Songs From Nothing is an EP I created for the 2023 RPM Challenge. Using each of the videos from Jordan Rakei's "A Song From Nothing" livestream series as a blueprint, I wrote, recorded, and produced these seven songs in my home studio during the month of February 2023. My goal for this release was to push and challenger myself as a songwriter and producer. 

There will be an official release of this album at a later date. 

Grounded EP - RPM Challenge 2022

Grounded is an EP I wrote for the 2022 RPM Challenge. The six songs were all written, recorded, and produced by me in the month of February 2022 in my home studio. My goal this year was to write an EP with only acoustic guitar and vocals. 

Words of Winter EP - RPM Challenge 2021

Words of Winter is a 7 song EP that I created for the February 2021 RPM Challenge. I wrote, recorded, and produced all 7 songs in my home studio in one month. My goal was to make them the best that they could sound within that month given the tools and skills I had available to me at the time. 

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